I was admittedly apprehensive to have laser vision, but from the very first moments of walking into Dr. Hatsis' office I felt very well taken care of. From the administrators to the doctor himself, I felt like I was in the right place. I was even more relieved to know that Dr. Hatsis was doing the surgery himself. I thought it might be his name, but another doctor doing the surgery, not the case here. Not only did Dr. Hatsis perform the procedure, he has administered each of my check-ups since. As an actor, I needed to do away with my reliance on glasses and contact lenses, getting the laser surgery was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made for my both my professional and personal life.

Craig G

I recently had laser eye surgery and it was the best decision due to it substantially changing my quality of life. Dr Nissirios and staff made it a wonderful experience... It's unbelievable how well I was able to see right after the surgery. I went from a -8 eye prescription to reading on the 20/20 line on the eye chart. It's been over seven weeks now, my eyes are doing great and I'm beyond elated with the outcome. Thanks again to Dr. Nissirios and staff they're amazing.

Nicole B

Franklyn Square, NY

Dry Eye Treatment

For more years then I can remember my eyes have been uncomfortable. Always aware of my eyes. At times my vision would blur and I would need to blink to clear it up. It got so bad my eyes were tearing and crusty in the morning. I finally broke down and made an appointment to see Dr Hatsis. His answer was you have dry eyes. Where do I go from here? He outlined a treatment plan for me that would take a few months but he assured me I would be happy with my eyes very soon. I began cleansing my lids each day and he set me up for a light treatment. Within 3 days after the first treatment my eyes were comfortable for the first time in years! I have now completed the four sessions, my eyes feel great and my vision has improved.

Florence M

Seaford NY

I have had a very serious problem with my dry eyes. I have used all the eye drops prescribed with only some improvement. I have received the IPL treatment to both eyes recently with an incredible result! I'm so much better! This treatment really works. Thank you Dr.Nissirios and Long Island Vision Experts!

Marie P

General Practice

Everyone has moments when they make a choice, accept things and pretend not to see what is going on (willful blindness) or take action in order to make a positive difference in the world. A perfect example of the latter... Dr. Hatsis, Dr. Nissirios and their staff at Hatsis Laser Vision in RVC yesterday performed 3 more vision saving surgeries (bringing the # to 5) !!!...

Liz O'S