Since 1998, Dr. Hatsis has implanted thousands of Premium Lenses in his cataract patients, making Long Island Vision Experts/Hatsis Laser Vision the most experienced practice on Long Island to offer Premium Cataract Lenses. These FDA approved lenses have replaced our patients dependency on glasses for both driving and reading after cataract surgery. Astigmatism can also be corrected during cataract surgery, allowing our patients to see clearly and drive without glasses. In 1998, Dr. Hatsis implanted the first FDA approved astigmatism cataract intraocular lens on Long Island, providing his astigmatic patients with excellent vision. Since then, thousands of his patients have enjoyed being able to see and drive without the need for glasses.

We at Long Island Vision Experts/Hatsis Laser Vision offer the best technology for our patients' lifestyle and visual needs. The Multifocal, Accomodative and Toric intraocular lenses have successfully freed our patients from the need for glasses. Experience is key to these specialty lenses and Long Island Vision Experts/Hatsis Laser Vision have successfully been using them for over 15 years.

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