A cataract is the clouding of the normal clear lens on the inside of the eye. Cataracts cause impairment of daily activities such as reading, driving a car, playing sports and working. When the cataract progresses to the point of interfering with daily activities, it may have to be removed. Being the most common surgical procedure in the world, cataract surgery has been shown to be safe and effective. Long Island Vision Experts/Hatsis Laser Vision has always offered our patients the option of the latest advances in cataract surgery. Today we are one of the first practices in the world to routinely offer and perform Laser Cataract Surgery to their patients.


Following cataract surgery, the vision can become blurry. This vision change is due to the clouding of the support capsule that is intentionally left after removal of the cataract. This support capsule is the housing which receives the implant lens. The clouding can cause reduced vision and glare. When this occurs, a laser called the YAG laser is used in the office to painlessly open the capsule, correcting the problem. Our patients usually see better later the same day.

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Yag Laser Capsulotomy